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Technology is evolving to improve and simplify our leaving standards. Bartronics has been founded on this grounds to improve your life with the latest technological develpoments. Smart technologies are taking a critical role in our daily lifes and we see families, business & organisations embracing techology to better their living stantards and operations. Smart solution provides the opportunity to have full control of your home or business from wherever you are when connected to the internet. Bartronics will enable you to have control of your security, lighting, energy and cooling amonst other things.


As part of of the services that we provide to create comfort to operations of your business and home, we provide renewable energy solution through solar energy systems. Botswana as a country with good solar irradiation and hence ideal for solar powered solutions. Bartronics mission is to make it possible for you to enjoy the benefit of renewable energy to reduce Grid costs overtime and possiblility to remain off-grid.